Coasteering Guide Training courses and Assessments

We are a leading company in Coasteering and offer coasteering guide training courses for Coasteering skills and coaster guiding skills. A part of this is Lead guide Assessments and technical support and advice for businesses.  

All of our instructors have been Coasteering and guiding for many years. Our wealth of knowledge and skills enable us to ensure that our course content is delivered in the safest and most professional manner.

We have developed a range of courses to suit everyone and are working on developing these to become a standard with the WSA. (

These courses have been developed from years of training staff for our own company. Coasteering being the main activity but also for Paddle boarding and kayaking.

The Course

The Coasteering courses that we have developed are ran in conjunction with the scope and remit of the National Coasteering Charter guidelines.

We have added 1st aid elements to the courses in order to develop a further understanding and skill base for every aspirant guide.

The courses will be delivered from our base with all amenities available from equipment to changing rooms, food and drink. There will be a base of theory to go through in the classrooms, practical to be done in various Coasteering locations.

Alternatively we can offer bespoke courses for Coasteering companies on-site, which enables the learning to be specific to the needs of the company and guides.

The courses will cover many aspects from, rescue techniques, Operating procedures, route development, guiding techniques, Risk analysis, working with emergency services such as the RNLI to name a few. We will cover as much as we can with in the time frame and scope of each course.

We can offer equipment and accommodation to those who don’t have it and will ensure everyone goes away having a great time and learning some great skills.

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Coasteering Guide


W.S.A Coasteering Safety and Rescue Workshop

  • 1 Day – £85
  • All Coasteerers


1 day of Coasteering Safety and Rescue Skills –  Including use of Equipment, rescue techniques, and risk management. Covering injury / Spinal management with first Aid in the coasteering environment. The use of Throwlines, Swimlines, Towlines, peterson Tubes and Rescue Bags.

W.S.A Coasteering Skills Course

  • 2 Days – £150
  • Coasteerers new to the Sport


2 days of personal coasteering coaching, looking at climbing, swimming and jumping skills, conditions analysis. As well as reading moving water, depth testing jumps and going into caves.

W.S.A Coasteering Guide Training course

  • 2 Days – £225
  • Guides, Trainee, and Assistant guides


This covers all areas of Coasteering guiding including Operating procedures, Equipment issue, Safety talk, guiding skills, group management, safety and rescue skills, route choice and grading, risk management, first aid in the coasteering environment. This course will cover all areas of Coasteering rescues and recovery including how to deal with the emergency services