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Archery and Axe Throwing in Newquay

Archery Lessons, Axe Throwing and Target Sports in Cornwall

Experience the rush of a speeding arrow as it hits the bulls eye at our fantastic location in the heart of Newquay, Cornwall.

Archery and Axe Throwing are two exciting and fun activities that are relatively easy to learn, very satisfying when you hit the target and accessible for everyone.

We offer all aspects of beginner to intermediate techniques in a fun and safe environment by our knowledgeable staff.  You will find our excellent facilities are the perfect place to become the next Robin Hood or Forseti the axe wielding Norse god.

Throwing Axes into a target and sticking them, is a very satisfying feeling, hitting the bull is even more so and with a steep learning curve, you will be doing this in no time.

Precisely firing an arrow down a range into a small dot on a target gives you a sense of achievement like no other. Our instructors will help you to achieve this goal.

You can choose to do single target sports with our Archery Intro Lesson or Axe Throwing Intro Session or if you can have a go at mastering them both in our combined Target Sports Session.

Minimum Age to take part is 12 years of age.

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45 Mins


Axe Throwing


45 Mins


Archery & Axe Throwing

Target Sports

1.5 Hours


Whats Included?

  • All Equipment – Bow / Arrows / Finger tab / Bracer or Throwing Axe.
  • Fully Qualified Expert Instructor
  • INTRO – 45 mins or TARGET SPORTS COMBO – 1.5 Hour Lesson
  • All activities run daily at 9.30/1.30 & 4.30 – Custom times available – Call 01637 498200 to pre book.
  • Safety brief / Warm Up & Practice / Scoring /  Lesson Review
  • Lockers & Changing facilities available at HQ
  • A Hot or Cold Drink at HQ
  • Awesome Add ons – Capture all the fun on camera with pro photos or video of your session. Call to prebook with our in house team – 01637 498200