Kayak Fishing in Cornwall

If you like the idea of catching your own super and would also like to try the biggest growing sport in the fishing world, then let Newquay Water Sport Centre introduce you to a whole new adventure in fishing – Kayak Fishing in Newquay! 

Fish from one of our special sit on top kayaks with built in rod holders and storage.
How many times have you stood on the end of the harbour wall or a rock edge hoping for a bite?
Well now you can get afloat and across the Newquay bay as you simply sit aboard with all equipment at hand and leashed to the kayak so you won’t be left up the creek without a paddle so to speak.
The Newquay Bay coastline is perfect for kayak fishing just drop a line down where boats and shoreline anglers can’t get to.

Fishing in Newquay bay can fruitful and some of the fish that are caught regularly are Mackerel, Pollock, the amazing Sea Bass and sometimes even Cuttlefish.

Troll the sea bed.
There is no better way to fish and get some exercise as well as trying your luck for some food for tonight’s dinner.
It also tends to be peaceful activity returning you back to nature as you sit and float.

Let your mind and kayak drift.

We can’t guarantee that fish will be caught but our guide will take you to the best spots we know to catch them and teach you all we know on where to best place your gear.

We even have a Barbecue back at the centre to cook your catch on. so what better way to enjoy a day in the bay.



A beginner lesson in sit on top kayaking flowing into a guided fishing trip. Take home your catch or BBQ it when we land ashore.

3 Hours



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