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Fish & Jet Ski

This trip is aimed at groups who want a bit more of a party and extra buzz on their fishing or sea safari excursions – Fish & Jet Ski.

Fish & Jet Ski – Before boarding the Atlantis 32ft offshore high speed charter vessel, the group will be measured up for nice warm wetsuits and personal safety equipment.
Then your off into the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, and some of the most amazing coastal scenery you will see in Britain. Once anchored out at sea above a reef or a wreck you will be fishing for all sorts of species of fish.
Some of the fish we aim for is Pollock, Cod, Bream, Smooth hounds, Gurnard, Ray and many more. Not knowing what will be on the end of your rod when you pull them fish up is what keeps groups coming back time and time again.
From complete beginner to the experience angler, Matt the skipper will give you all the support you require to make this trip out on the ocean a day to remember.

Halfway through the session our Jet Ski will meet the Atlantis and you will be asked to pair up. You will be picked up by our Hawaiian surf rescue sled and taught how to hold on to it safely as a pair.
You are then pulled by a Yamaha wave runner 280 bhp jet ski for a 10 minute exhilarating ride.

This type of Jet Ski pick up technique is the same method used by Hawaiian big wave surfers during tow surfing wipe outs to rescue their colleagues from the impact zone where huge waves are breaking, (our operator is specifically trained in this technique).
The ride you will experience is an amazing adrenaline rush due to the ski’s awesome acceleration of 0 to 30 mph in less than 1.5 seconds!

The ride you choose will be tailored to suit your individual preferences you might like big wake turns, spins, carving rail slides, doughnuts, cut backs and riding large ocean swell lines.
All of this is will be in front of your friends on board the Atlantis who will be crying with laughter, (until it is their turn)!

Take a ride of your life and hang on.
Please do not be put off, as this activity will always be tailored to individual needs and we can work on a level of ability to suit everyone.

If you have any enquiries or wish to book, get in touch and we will ensure you will be taking an adventure of a lifetime.



A Deep Sea fishing Trip with Jet Ski Board Blast during trip. All instruction, equipment and bait included.

4 Hours


Minimum group size 10 people @ £55pp Maximum group size 12 people per boat or if smaller groups please ask for a quote.

Larger groups of 10+ will have their own private boat and captain.